Yoga Body and breath Sensing Mindful movement

Yoga Body and breath Sensing mindful Movement CLASSEs

In Buckinghamshire

These classes combine gentle physical, mindful movement and subtle breath work with the principles and practice of Yoga Nidra, non-dual meditation. Where I will share with you my experience from over 20 years of almost daily practice.

My way of working is a subtle meditative approach with an emphasis on feeling the body and seeing how the body wants and needs to move, rather than imposing on it from the conditioned mind.

We’ll explore the body and the connection with the breath, to meet tension, allowing the body and breath to free up, deepen and the body to open. This subtle, deep, gentle, enquiry into what we are holding mentally, emotionally and physically can be very powerful and allows us to connect to an inner peace, joy and freedom with a deeper connection and understanding of who we truly are.

Every session or practice is unique, you may be early on your Yoga journey, it may be the first session you have ever tried or you may be a seasoned practitioner, everyone is welcome at my workshops.

Go Beyond Doing… Start Being

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose But Tension



"Through Paul’s teachings I have felt so much more in touch with myself, finally listening to the messages and tensions in the body, finding freedom from that tension and becoming much more present and calm, letting go of negative thought patterns and truly understanding and feeling what it means to be detached from the chaotic mind. This has all had a massive healing effect on me and my whole family and I am eternally grateful" - Victoria
“Paul's yoga work is a wonderful opportunity of physical self-exploration - gentle & loving” – Debbie
“The gentle guidance given in these yoga sessions welcomes a profound opening of the joints, unfolding and releasing long held tension. Expertly held and led by Paul, an exploration of this tension is welcomed, and as a result the space created where once there seemed to be none leads not only the desired increased mobility but also laughter, both of which resonate throughout my week and makes me so glad I made the effort to go to the yoga practice” - Frithe


Every Thursday 9:30 – 11:00am

The Wellness Barn,
Marlow Barns,
Pump Lane North,
Bucks. SL7 3RD. 

The class costs are:
Your first session, come and try it out £10.

One off drop ins £18.
Four sessions – adhoc over 2 months for £60 (£15 per session). Eight sessions – adhoc over 3 months for £100 (£12.50 per class).